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the 2023 kickhouse challenge is here…

It is time! The KickHouse Challenge is BACK and better than ever! This year will have more participants, more prizes and more resources than ever before! You will have everything you need to make positive progress toward your goals. Get ready. We’re kickin’ it up a level – starting January 13!

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KickHouse will add fuel to your fitness fire. Our modern kickboxing studio will leave you feeling empowered, confident and ready to take on the world! Let’s Kick it!

Congratulations Captain KickHouse challenge winners!

Thank you so much for kicking it up a level and participating in our Captain KickHouse Challenge. Your results have been unbelievable and have showcased your resilience.

Keep scrolling for more amazing transformations!

Keep scrolling for the amazing transformations!

First place (Female)

Name:  Mariah Maldonado

Studio: KickHouse Chantilly

mariah kickhouse challenge winner
joseph kickhouse challenge winner

First place (male)

Name:  Joseph Mendez

Studio: KickHouse Chantilly

Second place (Female)

Name: Angie Costa

Studio: KickHouse Pittsburgh

angie kickhouse challenge winner
amanda kickhouse challenge winner

Third place (Female)

Name:  Amanda Young

Studio: KickHouse Tracy

Second place (male)

Name:  Caleb Young

Studio: KickHouse Tracy

caleb kickhouse challenge winner
mike kickhouse challenge winner

Third place (male)

Name:  Mike Zirkle

Studio: KickHouse Winchester


DO I NEED TO BE IN SHAPE TO DO KICKHOUSE KICKBOXING CLASSES? KickHouse classes are for everybody! No matter your age or your fitness ability,

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The KickHouse

Let's Kick it!

KickHouse is the most supportive family in fitness.

We will sweat. We will laugh. We will help each other reach the next level. No matter what life throws at us. we will get through it. Because as individuals we are strong. But together, we are unstoppable. Welcome to KickHouse.