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5 Benefits of Having a Fitness Community

kickhouse fitness community

5 Benefits of Having a Fitness Community

kickhouse fitness community

“Together we’ll go far!” – Jessica Yarmey

Having a like minded group of people in one place together is a game changer when it comes to pursuing your fitness goals! When you’re chasing big changes, it’s easier when you can go on that journey with the support of a community. There is often power in achieving goals with a group.

There are a wide variety of reasons people love group fitness. Here are some of the biggest:

1. Accountability

Signing up for your next class is a commitment to show up not just for you, but for others too. It’s easier to get yourself to the studio when you have a scheduled workout slot that you’ve committed to.

2. Motivation

Once you’re at class, you get in a better sweat session as you feed off the energy of the coach and those around you. 

3. Stress Reduction

In 2017, researchers published a study in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association that found that medical students who participated in group fitness classes experienced a significant decrease in stress and an increase in physical, mental, and emotional quality of life. The support and encouragement of a group environment combined with the cortisol-lowering endorphins from exercise are a powerful cocktail for stress reduction.

4. Improved Fitness

What sounds more fun, 45 minutes running alone on the treadmill or 45 minutes in a high-energy kickboxing class? For most people, it’s the latter. Group fitness workouts are typically more fun and interactive, making members more likely to stick with a program long-term, and thus get in better shape and reach their fitness goals.

5. Social Connection

Attending a group fitness class is a great way to meet new people who share similar interests and goals. Classes with friends fly by! The sense of community alone is often enough motivation for members to hit the studio on a regular basis.

So if you want to join a family of like minded fighters and slay your 2022 goals, join KickHouse today! 

About KickHouse:

KickHouse is a modern kickboxing studio offering a variety of class formats, each rooted in kickboxing but with additional fitness flare added in. The KickHouse mission is to help members and communities take their health and kick it up a level via a consistent kickboxing practice! KickHouse is the perfect kickboxing gym for beginners or advanced athletes. The new kickboxing brand has quickly grown to over 35 locations across the country. To find your nearest KickHouse location visit To sign up for your first class offer please visit to book your first sweat session with our fight fam.

Let's Kick it!

KickHouse is the most supportive family in fitness.

We will sweat. We will laugh. We will help each other reach the next level. No matter what life throws at us. we will get through it. Because as individuals we are strong. But together, we are unstoppable. Welcome to KickHouse.