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7 Minute Shadow Boxing At-Home Workout

7 minute shadow boxing at-home workout
7 minute shadowboxing at-home workout

Add a little fight and flow into your day with a short 7 minute shadow boxing at-home workout.

There is no question that fighters are some of the fittest athletes on the planet. Not only does adding two quick 3-minute shadow boxing rounds into your day make you feel like a badass – it also has some incredible health and fitness benefits.

Shadow Boxing Workout Benefits

The benefits of shadowboxing include improved shoulder mobility, as well as, foot and ankle stability. Shadowboxing also helps to improve hand-eye coordination, balance, rhythm, and grace.

You don’t need any equipment, just a timer on your phone. A good timer can enhance any workout, my recommendation is the Seconds Pro Interval Timer app.

Shadowboxing Home Workout with KickHouse Youtube Library

With so many virtual training platforms out there today, it’s relatively easy to find incredible video content for learning how to throw proper punches. For example, KickHouse, a modern kickboxing studio, has an extensive Youtube library of simple strikes that are broken down quickly and concisely so you can learn proper form and feel confident at home or on the mat.

7-Minute Shadow Boxing At-Home Workout

Start that timer and piece together the punches from the videos to create fluid combinations. Hit a couple 3-minute shadow boxing rounds in the comfort of your own home. I do this each morning when I’m in the mirror, getting ready for work. For me, it’s the best way to jump start my day with a little fight and flow to get me feeling like I can take on the world!

Here is my daily set of combos I use as my 7-minute shadowboxing workout, remember, as you start feeling more confident, start introducing some level changes (punches to the body) both low and high. Simple fun way to add movement into the day!


3-Minute Round:

Orthodox Stance (right foot forward, left foot back) 

Combo 1) Left Jab

Combo 2) Left Jab, Right Cross

Combo 3) Left Jab, Right Cross, Left Head Hook

Combo 4) Left Jab, Right Cross, Left Head Hook, Right UpperCut

*Simply start back at the Jab and continue to work the same set of combinations making sure to reset to your fighter’s guard (hands up knuckles up by temples) between every combo.


Take a 1 minute rest and then finish your final 3 min round


3-Minute Round:

SouthPaw Stance (Right foot forward left foot back) with the same set of combinations 

Combo 1) Right Jab

Combo 2) Right Jab, Left Cross

Combo 3) Right Jab, Left Cross, Right Head Hook

Combo 4) Right Jab, Left Cross,Right Head Hook, Left UpperCut

About KickHouse:

KickHouse is a modern kickboxing studio offering a variety of class formats, each rooted in kickboxing but with additional fitness flare added in. The KickHouse mission is to help members and communities take their health and kick it up a level via a consistent kickboxing practice! The new kickboxing brand has quickly grown to over 35 locations across the country. To find your neighborhood KickHouse visit To sign up for your first class offer please visit to book your first sweat session with our fight fam.

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