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Benefits of Kickboxing as an Older Adult

exercising as an older adult

Benefits of Kickboxing as an Older Adult

exercising as an older adult
Age is just a number, even in the world of fitness.

1. How does kickboxing benefit for those who are 65+ with each of the following problem areas?


Adults with arthritis need to avoid high intensity movements with force as any extreme resistance will cause pain. Shadow-boxing is a great way to get your heart rate up without causing pain in the joints. While you can shadow-box while seated, if you’re able to stand, you’ll get the additional benefit of loading your bodyweight to throw punches and keeping your joints limber. Another great exercise for those with arthritis is aqua classes. Water naturally removes the resistance that can create pain in joints. 

Strength Training:

Boxing and kickboxing can help with strength-building in a safe and effective manner. When you throw a punch, you get the natural upper body resistance from the heavy bag but you also get the full body strength building as your punch power really comes from integrating your lower body. Another great strength-building exercise is Silver Sneakers Strength Classes. They offer resistance training that is realistic and safe for the older population.


Kickboxing classes are a great way to connect your brain to your entire body. Every moment in class requires a check-in on full body awareness and balance. Aging typically brings a decline in fine motor skills. Boxing and kickboxing can help delay that decline by training the brain to body connections like hand-eye coordination. As an alternative, many Silver Sneakers classes use chairs to accommodate and improve upon the balance issues of class participants.

Energy Boosting:

There is no greater energy-boosting workout than kickboxing! You get the natural energy boost of an increased heart rate and you get the fun of punching and kicking a heavy-bag!  Another great energy-boosting workout is pickle-ball. It brings energy through play, community and vitamin D.

2. From your experience, what are common reasons people (specifically those 65+) are afraid of going to the gym?

In my experience, most people (specifically those over 65+) are afraid of becoming injured by going to a new gym or trying a workout they’ve never done before. The fear extends into not knowing what equipment to use or how to get started with an appropriate fitness program. When you’re over the age of 65, it’s important to remember that you have unique needs and should seek out a facility with coaches or trainers who will take the time to personalize recommendations to keep you safe. 

3. How can you keep yourself safe while working out? (specifically at a public facility)

The best way to ensure you stay safe while working out, is to ask for help. Look for a certified personal trainer who has experience working with aging populations. Be sure to let the trainer know exactly what your goals are and any injuries or physical ailments you may have. Your best results and your safest fitness experience will be working with someone who is in tune to your unique needs and will give appropriate exercise regressions where need be.  

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