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Having a Celina cardio workout gym is a great thing because a good workout is never far away!  KickHouse offers kickboxing classes for all age groups and fitness levels. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert kickboxer, we have a class for you! And our first one is on us – we’d love to have you try us out!

If you enjoy your class, you can sign up to be a member at a cardio workout gym in Celina TX. Our memberships include body measurements and nutritional counseling so that you can keep track of your progress.

Our Celina Cardio Workout Gym: Why Choose Us

Having a cardio workout gym in Celina TX that you trust for a great workout is important. This way, you’ll be ready to work out at any time. You can squeeze in a class in the mornings or add something to your weekend schedule. When you love your gym, working out is fun and not a dreaded chore!

At KickHouse, our cardio workout gym in Celina TX has something for everyone. Families can take advantage of our family-friendly kickboxing classes while those who prefer personalized attention can take our private lessons. We even have virtual classes for those who want to work out from the convenience of home.

Reasons to choose us as your Celina cardio workout gym are:

What You’ll Learn at Our Cardio Workout Gym in Celina TX

If you’ve never done kickboxing before, we’ll start off by teaching the basic foundation of kickboxing. From there, you’ll progress into our lessons and start doing more complex moves. The skills we teach at our Celina cardio workout gym are distancing, defense, feinting, timing, power, endurance and sparring.

Our program is firm but you will see results. And with our nutritional counseling services, you’ll develop an even healthier lifestyle. To start working with our motivational instructors and be a part of our Celina cardio workout gym, sign up for a free class at KickHouse today.