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Everything You Need To Know Before Your First Kickboxing Class

girls kickboxing in studio

Everything You Need To Know Before Your First Kickboxing Class

girls kickboxing in studio
Ready for your first kickboxing class?

In kickboxing classes, you will be working all of your major muscle groups which is why it’s such a great workout! Kickboxing relies heavily on your quadriceps, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, calves, core, chest, back, triceps and shoulders so you will feel a total body burn. It is a workout that can be geared to any fitness level so you won’t need to be in shape prior to starting. You can walk in as a complete beginner and the coach will be there to take you through how to wrap your hands and how to execute the basic strikes. As an example, there are various levels of kickboxing classes at Kickhouse and we pride ourselves on offering a variety of classes that appeal to every age and fitness level. 


A beginner student attending regular kickboxing workouts can expect incredible physical results, from improved cardiovascular conditioning and muscular strength endurance to better balance and core strength and stability. Body fat loss is another incredible benefit from these high intensity full body conditioning workouts. As a student progresses in their Kickboxing journey with us at the KickHouse, they will continue to see improvements in power output, agility, speed and cardiovascular endurance while learning and applying actual striking techniques. Our members enjoy attending a variety of kickboxing classes with us that cover everything from higher intensity Power driven classes to Recovery based kickboxing classes which are technique focused rounds and dynamic range of motion exercises with restorative yoga sequences for the perfect fight and flow workout.

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Kickboxing also delivers mental results. Nothing quite compares to physically punching out negative emotions and stressors like a kickboxing workout!  These workouts provide sustained cardiovascular activity, which not only relieves stress, studies have also shown that it can also diminish feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger. In high-intensity activity like kickboxing, feel-good chemicals and hormones like endorphins, serotonin and dopamine are released. This release results in feelings of euphoria during and after exercise. The dopamine response provides a little boost to the system of the brain that helps you anticipate pleasure, maintain motivation, and remain hopeful for the future. Consistent kickboxing can both relieve depression and bring happiness to your life. Engaging in consistent exercise also helps balance your body’s level of stress hormones, such as adrenaline. 


Another benefit that can be felt immediately, both during and after kickboxing workouts is improved mental focus and concentration. Since kickboxing is a martial art, it requires dedication and concentration to master. The technique and mechanics required for different movements such as combinations of kicks and punches, take time to master. Consistently attending class will bring you the focus, concentration, and dedication that you need to get through the challenges we face in life.

Ready to try out your first kickboxing class!?

About KickHouse:

KickHouse is a modern kickboxing studio offering a variety of class formats, each rooted in kickboxing but with additional fitness flare added in. The KickHouse mission is to help members and communities take their health and kick it up a level via a consistent kickboxing practice! KickHouse is the perfect kickboxing gym for beginners or advanced athletes. The new kickboxing brand has quickly grown to over 35 locations across the country. To find your nearest KickHouse location visit To sign up for your first class offer please visit to book your first sweat session with our fight fam.

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