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Fight Fam: Fight Night Edition

The KickHouse

At KickHouse we talk about our ‘fight fam’ quite a lot. KickHouse is a community of individuals that share strength, dedication, and resilience. At KickHouse you don’t just come in for a workout but walk into a House that will motivate you and support you, a community that is rooting for you.

KickHouse Fort Worth is no stranger to this concept. From the members to the coaches KickHouse Fort Worth has fostered a tight-knit fight fam. Alex Teniente is one of the coaches at KickHouse Fort Worth who recently competed in a fight at The Yard in Fort Worth, Texas for their Tuesday night Fight Night. His fellow KickHouse coach Michelle Johnson mentored him leading up to the fight. But this isn’t just a story highlighting the bond and mentorship between two coaches, yet a story of how the KickHouse Fort Worth members rallied behind their coach and showed up for him. Leading up to the fight members ordered team t-shirts to support Alex and on that Tuesday night they showed up in the freezing weather outside to cheer on their coach the same way he cheers them on in class.

We spoke to Michelle to get some insight into how she and Alex started training together:

“I knew of Alex because his mom and I instantly became friends when she attended my 5:15 am class. I told her about my MMA background. Alex was looking for another coaching position and I got him an interview. I remember sitting next to him and we immediately bonded. We talked about football, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and MMA. When he got hired at KickHouse Fort Worth, I noticed right away, he had amazing form and power. I thought this kid is crazy and would be an awesome fighter. I always try and get my team to do some form of MMA to stay sharp. He showed some interest and it was game over after that. I introduced him to Coach D, out of Lamb Striking Academy, who hosts the fight nights and Alex signed up. He started his training there, and we trained focus pads, technique, and defense at Kickhouse. I talked to him about my experiences as a boxer. When he asked me to be in his corner for the fight, I was more than honored.”

What is the KickHouse Fort Worth atmosphere like?

“Our KickHouse community has been nothing but organic. The students, the team; it’s more than just a gym. We are a fight family. No one ever feels left out. The amount of love and support for Alex’s fight was indescribable that night. By the way, it was 30 degrees and the fight was outside. Now that’s love if you ask me.”

How does the coaching team use KickHouse to stay conditioned?

“From coaching to taking classes, staying conditioned at KickHouse just happens. You have no choice. The workouts are challenging and push your limits as well as our coaches. Even our students are very competitive with the coaches. They even push new members and welcome them with open arms. Nothing can compare to the vibes and energy you get from KickHouse.”

Photos and video courtesy of @ijbmotions on Instagram

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We will sweat. We will laugh. We will help each other reach the next level. No matter what life throws at us. we will get through it. Because as individuals we are strong. But together, we are unstoppable. Welcome to KickHouse.