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Fight Fam Testimonial – Meet Shaunda

shaunda headshot
shaunda headshot


We’d like to introduce you to fight fam member, Shaunda. Read about how she refused to sacrifice her health and happiness during the pandemic. We are so proud to have her in our kickboxing family. 🖤

“When I joined KickHouse in October 2019 I was 38 years old and roughly 90lbs overweight and dealing with some pretty gnarly health issues. It took me almost a month to gain enough courage to check out the studio and sign up for my introductory kickboxing class.

4 kickboxing classes later, I was ready to join as a member. I was able to drop almost 25lbs in my first 2 months and began to look at myself differently because of how others saw me. I was a part of a new community and feeling more confident than ever.

Jump forward to March of 2020 and everything seemed to literally change overnight. The pandemic hit and everything began to shut down including the studio. I was met with another obstacle. I needed to make a choice, give into the circumstances or push through and find a way to prioritize my health and happiness. So, I chose just that! I began to reach out to their members on our local Facebook group and find out what they were doing. I dusted off any and all exercise equipment I had lying around the house and putting them to work.


The instructors at KickHouse banded together and began posting workouts and setting up live Zoom classes for us. I knew if I was going to make this work, I was going to have to truly invest! Invest my time, my focus, my energy, and even a few extra dollars to make it happen.

I scheduled my workouts, purchased a bag and mat, and then committed to posting my progress and efforts on our local Facebook page to hold myself accountable. It was tough at first but, I not only continued my weight loss but I also was able to manage my emotional and mental health through the workouts and support from the instructors and Kick House community. To date, I have lost a total of 97lbs since I started my journey and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Due to some of my personal health challenges, I am still not able to get back in the studio. However, the live classes, Zoom Daily Grinds, and the gallery of archived workouts allow me to push myself to hit the mat whenever I want. The instructors have been so inclusive, supportive, and flexible towards my personal situation that I have been able to be empowered to stay committed to my fitness goals.

Joining KickHouse was one of the most impactful decisions I’ve made in my life over the last 10 years. I am truly a different person and I’m more proud of who I am today than I’ve ever been. Thanks Kick House Tacoma & Gig Harbor!”

before pics – jan 2019
after pics – jan 2021

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