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KickHouse Franchise Celebrates Nationwide Challenge Winners

kickhouse challenge winners

KickHouse Franchise Celebrates Nationwide Challenge Winners

kickhouse challenge winners

National winners lost an average of 22.8 pounds and 8.3 inches!  

Dallas, TX (November 9, 2021) –  KickHouse has awarded six national winners in the “Back 2 U” Transformation Challenge.  Challenge participants spent 8 weeks in a coach-led experience which combined kickboxing classes, food journaling, workshops and a healthy dose of accountability!  Beginning in August, over five hundred participants from across the country started the KickHouse Challenge with the goal of getting “Back 2 U”.   

Participant transformations were judged at the local level, with local finalists advancing to national judging. In the national judging, a panel of five experts ranked local winners using criteria including pounds lost, inches lost, percentage of body weight lost, muscle tone, ability to inspire others with their story and overall visible physical transformations.

In total, the six national winners lost a combined 136.7 pounds and 49.5 inches! The winners of the KickHouse Challenge are below:

First Place:


Alyssa C. from Yorba Linda, CA (20.8 pounds & 11.6 inches lost)

Jason G. from McKinney, TX (32.6 pounds & 7.9 inches lost)

Second Place:

Kara S. from Parker, CO (14.7 pounds & 6.3 inches lost)

Paul B. from Winchester, VA (11.3 pounds & 9 inches lost)

Third Place:

Denise M. from Orchard Park, NY (15.4 pounds & 5.5 inches lost)

Kyle F. from Los Alamitos, CA (25 pounds & 9.3 inches)


National Winner Alyssa C. from the KickHouse studio in Yorba Linda, CA joined the KickHouse Challenge to reset her lifestyle. “Before this Challenge, I was never happy with my body, I was always negative about myself and I would never stick with a diet plan.” she said. “Once I joined this Challenge my whole mindset changed and now this is a lifestyle. I enjoy exercising and eating healthy.”

National Winner Jason G of the KickHouse studio in McKinney, TX joined the KickHouse Challenge to get back into shape. “My buddy told me about KickHouse and the Back to U Challenge; I thought it was an awesome opportunity to motivate me to get back into shape.” he said. “I learned a lot about my body, I learned a lot about my limits and I’ve become a harder worker and overall a lot happier. I’m really planning on keeping this lifestyle going past this Challenge.”

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