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Meet Angie: Women’s Second Place National Captain KickHouse Challenge Winner

angie kickhouse challenge winner

In February, KickHouse hosted the 8-week Captain KickHouse Challenge. This Challenge pushed members to embrace the uncomfortable and unleash their inner resilience. With great success across the country, six winners were chosen overall based on their physical and mental transformations. KickHouse had the chance to ask these winners a series of questions about their experience with the KickHouse Challenge. Meet Angie Costa from KickHouse Pittsburgh, our women’s second place national challenge winner.

Meet Angie and read about her takeaways from the KickHouse Challenge:


angie kickhouse challenge winner



1.  What inspired you to join KickHouse and what made you join the Challenge?

“For the past 7 1/2 years, I have been a lover of kickboxing even when my studio was associated with a different company. When they made the switch to KickHouse, I was excited because KickHouse added a variety of classes and exercises that supported my weight loss journey. The variety from KickHouse was what I needed to add to my workout. I joined the Challenge for the sole purpose of proving to myself that I can complete a challenge knowing I gave my 100%. Never did I imagine I would finish first place locally and second place nationally.”


2.  What does “Captain KickHouse” mean to you?

“Captain KickHouse means pushing yourself past your limits to pursue and obtain your fitness goals.”


3.  How was your experience during the 8-week Challenge? Highs and lows?

“My 8-week experience was better than I could imagine. With me following the nutrition plan given to me by the coaches and continuing to kickbox daily, the weight and inches just started to fall off. The low point of the Challenge was when I got a phone call from my brother back in Indiana to find out my mom had fallen face first onto the cement. She broke her upper jaw in 2 places. I had to rush out to Indiana while the challenge was still going on, but I managed to stick to my nutrition and did classes on Zoom.”


4.  How do you feel kickboxing has impacted your health?

“Kickboxing has been the best thing for my life and health. Through the kickboxing community I have learned so much about fitness and met great friends that have become an amazing support system. Kickboxing came into my life at the perfect time for I had hit a plateau in my fitness journey and goals. Since joining KickHouse, I have become more toned and muscular, and my stamina has increased also.”


5.  What are your current goals?  

“My one major goal is to get to 200 lbs or even below. I am also working on decreasing my BMI, for my whole life I have been considered obese according to my BMI. I would like to be in the healthy range.”


6.  What would you say to anyone who was thinking about joining KickHouse and/or the Challenge?

“To anyone that’s thinking about trying KickHouse, I’d say DO IT!! With a strong and supportive community like KickHouse, it makes attaining any goal a reality. The first step is always the hardest and you just must take a leap of faith!!”


About KickHouse:

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