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Meet Kara: Women’s Second Place National Back To U Challenge Winner

kara back to u challenge winner

In August, KickHouse hosted the 8-week Back To U Challenge. This Challenge pushed members to embrace the uncomfortable and unleash their inner resilience. With great success across the country, six winners were chosen overall based on their physical and mental transformations. The winners not only took home cash prizes but confidence in themselves that they can kick it up a level. KickHouse had the chance to ask these winners a series of questions about their experience with the KickHouse Challenge. Kara Smith from KickHouse Parker, our women’s second place national challenge winner, took home $3,000! 

Meet Kara and read about her takeaways from the KickHouse Challenge:


kara back to u challenge winner



1.  What inspired you to join KickHouse and what made you join the Challenge?

“I needed to refocus on my goals and needed the accountability of a Challenge to get back on track. “


2.  What does “Back To U” mean to you?

“I started kickboxing at KickHouse 1 year before this challenge began so, for me it was getting back to the reasons I started and recommitting to ME!”


3.  How was your experience during the 8-week Challenge? Highs and lows?

“I can’t express enough how the support and guidance during this challenge helped with my success. Being on the same challenge with so many fellow members and having a sense of “we are in this together” helped me succeed when I was struggling with focus and staying on track.”


4.  How do you feel kickboxing has impacted your health?

“I have lost nearly 100 lbs. My life has improved in every way. My physician raved at the improvement in my biometric numbers and told me I had improved my health outlook for decades to come. I have more energy, confidence, and stamina for everyday life.”


5.  What are your current goals?  

“My goal is to build muscle and continue to improve technique. As well as maintaining my new healthy life!”


6.  What would you say to anyone who was thinking about joining KickHouse and/or the Challenge?

“What have you got to lose!? I have gained so much more than the pounds I’ve lost. Go for it!”


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