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Meet Kyle: Men’s Third Place National Back To U Challenge Winner

back to u challenge third place winner

In August, KickHouse hosted the 8-week Back To U Challenge. This Challenge pushed members to embrace the uncomfortable and unleash their inner resilience. With great success across the country, six winners were chosen overall based on their physical and mental transformations. The winners not only took home cash prizes but confidence in themselves that they can kick it up a level. KickHouse had the chance to ask these winners a series of questions about their experience with the KickHouse Challenge. Kyle Ferguson from KickHouse Los Alamitos, our men’s third place national challenge winner, took home $2,000! 

Meet Kyle and read about his takeaways from the KickHouse Challenge:


back to u challenge third place winner


1.  What inspired you to join KickHouse and what made you join the Challenge?

“My wife inspired me to do the competition, she did it the previous year and she kicked butt. I remember watching her stay motivated and diligent and being so impressed by her progress. When you are starting off 8 weeks seem like a long time but in perspective, it’s a short amount to make so much progress. She asked me if I would do it with her the next time and I promised her I would.”


2.  What does “Back To U” mean to you?

“It’s about reclaiming my health or maybe even gaining it for the first time. I’ve always been “out of shape” and never happy with my body or fitness level. It was about achieving that success one step at a time.”


3.  How was your experience during the 8-week Challenge? Highs and lows?

“I’m not going to lie, it was challenging. If it was an easy thing to do then a lot more people would be out there achieving their weight loss goals. Waking up early to make it to the gym before work and going after work takes dedication. Eating healthy and sticking to it even when you are tired and burnt out on lean protein and veggies take a drive you have to find. What made it easier was doing it with a group of people who were going through the same struggle and sharing in the same success.”


4.  How do you feel kickboxing has impacted your health?

“I’m in the best shape of my life. I have a lot more to accomplish but I have lit a fire in my heart that is going to keep burning. Kickboxing is fun. It really is and if you are going to hate life doing burpees then you might as well mix some jab crosses in there as well, and bring a smile to your struggle.”


5.  What are your current goals?  

“Lose more weight. I’ve been in the 300+ lbs range for the last 10 years of my life. So my current goal is for the first number in my weight to be a 2. It’s not really about the weight loss it’s just more about being healthy all together but I know getting into the 200 lbs range will be a huge psychological shift in my mind.”


6.  What would you say to anyone who was thinking about joining KickHouse and/or the Challenge?

“What do you have to lose? Some money? Maybe the fear of that wasted money is the motivation you need to keep you coming back? Have you seen the success you are wanting from what you are currently doing? No, probably not. Well let’s try something that you haven’t tried before. What do you have to gain? Health? Fitting in those jeans you have tucked away in a drawer? New friends? A healthy outlook on food? Completing something challenging, a new sense of self worth?  Hey you might even find yourself filling out answers to a success story bio by the end of it. Just get in there and burn some calories. “


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