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Member Testimonial – Meet Amanda

Amanda Griswold a KickHouse Los Alamitos member

We’d like to introduce you to fight fam member, Amanda. Watch her KickHouse member testimonial about how she found herself again through the Kick 2020 Goodbye 8-week KickHouse Challenge. We are so proud to have her in our kickboxing family.

At KickHouse we embody resilience, which means we train for our physical and mental health equally. In honor of mental health awareness month, this month we are shining a spotlight on our fight fam members that have embodied resilience and found ways to support their mental health through kickboxing at KickHouse through sharing the member’s testimonials.

Today we are sharing Amanda’s member testimonial from the Kick 2020 Goodbye Challenge. Amanda participated in our 8 week KickHouse Challenge and found herself again. We are so happy to have you as a member of this #fightfam Amanda!

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