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Prosper group fitness classes are a great fit for those who enjoy working out with others. What makes our program unique is that we offer kickboxing classes tailored to our clients. We have introductory classes that teach the basics of kickboxing and advanced classes for those who want to burn mega calories. KickHouse also offers virtual, private and family-friendly kickboxing lessons.

If you’re interested in taking group fitness classes in Prosper TX, kickboxing is a great place to start! Contact KickHouse today for your first FREE class.

Benefits of Taking Prosper Group Fitness Classes

There are many benefits to taking group workout classes over individual ones. Even if you’re on the fence about taking them, allow us to change your mind. After trying out our group fitness classes in Prosper TX, most people say they can’t envision working out any other way!

Here are some advantages to joining Prosper group fitness classes:

What if you want to eventually participate in group fitness classes in Prosper TX but you’re not ready yet? KickHouse offers private lessons as well. One of our instructors will create a personalized workout regimen based on your experience and skill level. Once you gain more confidence, you can join our Prosper group fitness classes.

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Ready to try a new way of working out? Kickboxing is so much fun, most people don’t even realize the workout they’re getting! It’s far more engaging than cycling on a stationary bike. You get to be with other people, work your entire body and burn mega calories.

When you sign up for group fitness classes in Prosper TX at KickHouse, you can expect:

To sign up for Prosper group fitness classes, contact KickHouse today. Don’t forget – your first class is FREE!