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Why You Should Try KickHouse

Friendly KickHouse community attending class

Why You Should Try KickHouse

Friendly KickHouse community attending class

You should try kickboxing if you enjoy a high energy workout! Kickboxing offers a full body workout. You work your core, arms, and legs when punching and kicking. A kickboxing workout also includes strength training between rounds. The workout is filled with a variety of punches and kicks that keep each workout feeling new and fresh. There is so much variety in the rounds that each time you go the workout feels new. Punching and kicking the bag not only provides a great workout, but also helps relieve stress. The workouts are great for your body and mind!

Kickboxing is great for people at all fitness levels. The KickHouse instructors are great at demonstrating and offering pointers to fine tune your workout. No matter who the instructor is, you are guaranteed someone energetic and knowledgeable. The instructors are great at offering modifications and advanced moves to meet your needs.

Working out with a group is very motivating and keeps you going throughout the workout. They are motivating and supportive of everyone. As a kickboxer, you may push yourself to keep going or you may look at others and get the motivation to keep going. Each class has “regulars” that you look forward to seeing and working out with.

Kickboxing is great for the body and mind. It is great for fitness, strength, and weight loss. Not only will you get a great workout, but you’ll also gain great friendships.

Zoe Stephens, KickHouse McKinney & Frisco

About KickHouse:

KickHouse is a modern kickboxing studio offering a variety of class formats, each rooted in kickboxing but with additional fitness flare added in. The KickHouse mission is to help members and communities take their health and kick it up a level via a consistent kickboxing practice! KickHouse is the perfect kickboxing gym for beginners or advanced athletes. The new kickboxing brand has quickly grown to over 35 locations across the country. To find your nearest KickHouse location visit To sign up for your first class offer please visit to book your first sweat session with our fight fam.

Let's Kick it!

KickHouse is the most supportive family in fitness.

We will sweat. We will laugh. We will help each other reach the next level. No matter what life throws at us. we will get through it. Because as individuals we are strong. But together, we are unstoppable. Welcome to KickHouse.