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Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – Meet Shannon

shannon warminster

Women's Entrepreneurship Day:
Meet Shannon

shannon warminster

In honor of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we are highlighting one of our very own KickHouse owners, Shannon Matthews from KickHouse Warminster.

Here at KickHouse, we believe that women can accomplish anything they set their minds toward. With goals that range from losing weight to showing up as a better mom to launching a business, we have seen women across KickHouse Nation accomplish it all!  KickHouse is proud to support women on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and every day!

We decided to ask Shannon a few questions about her experience as a woman in entrepreneurship.

1. Why did you decide to pursue entrepreneurship?
“I decided to pursue entrepreneurship because I was tired of working to build someone else’s future. I had hustled so hard for so many years to build someone else’s dream and I refused to do that anymore. It was time to do it for ME.”
2.What do you like most about running your own business? 
“The thing I like most about running my own business is the freedom to create my reality. To build the community I always dreamed of that I and so many others need for support. To not have the stress of answering to someone, and knowing that my success is solely on my decisions and I have the freedom to do what it takes to get to where I want to be.”
3. Do you have any tips, tricks or resources that you would share with other entrepreneurs?
“Always be a student and then a teacher. You have to constantly be open to change and learning new things in this changing world when it comes to owning a business. You cannot get stagnant in decision making or be afraid to jump two feet in when you need to flip the script.”
4. What would you tell someone who is interested in pursuing entrepreneurship?  
“Go for it. Big risk = big return. If you are drawn to it, theres a reason. If you trust your self, and your ability (sometimes this is just the ability to adapt and not give up) you can have it all. As a mom of 3 I went from grinding hard and stressing for someone else, to hustling for myself and even tho the grind never stops, the stress level is considerably low, because I TRUST me. I live a “slower” life full of productive hustle. It gives you freedom you cant understand until your in it. You create your own reality, I no longer wake up and exist, I live doing something that is just a part of me. Stop being afraid and just jump.”


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