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Breaking Through Intimidation In The Gym

kickhouse head coaches in studio

Breaking Through Intimidation In The Gym

kickhouse head coaches in studio

As we approach the new year’s resolution season, we asked KickHouse Director of Programming, Gwen Dannenbaum how she encourages new members to break through the intimidation and step into a new workout for the first time. 

Q. What do you tell someone who feels uncomfortable walking into a fitness studio?

A. That’s such an important question this time of year because intimidation or a lack of confidence is a common reason for not working out. I tell new people that everyone starts somewhere. Everyone who is currently a member had a similar Day 1 experience of not knowing what to expect from a kickboxing workout. Be patient and give yourself some grace. Ultimately you come to KickHouse to find the results you want and deserve. Stay focused on that mission and take the first step. 

Q. What is the key to feeling more confident in your own skin on Day 1 of your journey?

A. The key to feeling confident in your own skin is to know that your body is capable of incredible things. You have to appreciate it and trust that it’s ready to support you through your process. It’s important for every individual to know they are on their own personal journey, not someone else’s.

Q. What is the biggest fear or insecurity you hear about when it comes to going to a fitness facility?

A. The biggest fear and insecurity I hear about is judgment and rejection by others. People are afraid that they are not good enough, pretty enough, fit enough to be accepted by other members and their communities. At KickHouse, we work hard to create safe environments where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Every KickHouse member has had those first day jitters so they are empathetic to new members.  

Q. What would you tell someone who is on the fence about starting to work out in the new year? 

A. Don’t wait! The time to start is RIGHT NOW! We commonly feel like we need to “get fit” prior to joining a gym or studio and especially something like kickboxing. Guess what?? Walk into KickHouse as you are and we meet there! The time is right now, to do something for yourself, to improve yourself and to find out what you and your body are truly capable of achieving. We’ll see you on the mat!

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