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Meet Joe: Men’s First Place National Captain KickHouse Challenge Winner

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joseph kickhouse challenge winner

In February, KickHouse hosted the 8-week Captain KickHouse Challenge. This Challenge pushed members to embrace the uncomfortable and unleash their inner resilience. With great success across the country, six winners were chosen overall based on their physical and mental transformations. KickHouse had the chance to ask these winners a series of questions about their experience with the KickHouse Challenge. Meet Joe Mendez from KickHouse Chantilly, our men’s first place national challenge winner.


Meet Joe and read about his takeaways from the KickHouse Challenge:


1.  What inspired you to join KickHouse and what made you join the Challenge?

“My girlfriend asked me to come in one day during a KickStart class and I fell in love with it. I joined the Challenge because I was tired of being overweight and wanted to be healthy.”


2.  What does “Captain KickHouse” mean to you?

“I saw Captain KickHouse as a challenge for me that took a lot of strength and determination to get through. It was a change of lifestyle to get fit and healthy.”


3.  How was your experience during the 8-week Challenge? Highs and lows?

“The highs for me was getting my strength and stamina back through out the Challenge. The lows for me was trying to adjust to the new diet and gaining the energy to keep working out but I just kept pushing through.”


4.  How do you feel kickboxing has impacted your health?

“It has impacted my health immensely, both physically and mentally. It really helps to relieve a lot of stress while getting in shape and I love that!”


5.  What are your current goals?  

“My currents goals now is to gain muscle now that I am at a comfortable weight.”


6.  What would you say to anyone who was thinking about joining KickHouse and/or the Challenge?

“I would highly recommend both KickHouse and the Challenge. Kickboxing is a super fun exercise and you often forget that you are exercising when you are doing it. The Challenge was great because it adds some healthy competition to the mix and can give people the extra push they might need or want to reach their goals.”


About KickHouse:

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