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Total Health: Jessica Yarmey of KickHouse On How We Can Optimize Our Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing


Jessica Yarmey, CEO of KickHouse, featured as a part of Authority Magazine’s series about “How We Can Do To Cultivate Our Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing”.

“Listen. Find time to be quiet so that you can open up and listen. You can ask the universe to give you a message or a sign. If you’re constantly overstimulated, you won’t hear the answer, and you might miss the sign. When I was laid off from Gold’s Gym, I went on a trip to Miami with a close friend. I went to the ocean and asked it what I should do with my life. The repetition of the waves brought the word “resilience” to me. There would be another wave, and another. I understood that there would be tough times, and I just needed to keep fighting.”

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More About Jessica:

Jessica Yarmey is the CEO of KickHouse, a modern kickboxing franchise that inspires members and communities to take their health and kick it up a level. A former college athlete who played Division I soccer at Loyola University in Maryland and ran two marathons in “retirement,” Jessica recognizes the value of fitness and its ability to transform lives. As a result, she aspires to bring more health and fitness opportunities to neighborhoods across the nation. She currently leads her company’s franchise development strategy and brand expansion efforts with a goal of opening 200 locations by 2022.

Helping fitness franchises grow is one of Jessica’s specialties; prior to starting KickHouse, she was the Chief Marketing Officer at Club Pilates. Under her leadership, the company grew from 225 to over 615 locations in the U.S., Canada, and in Master Franchise countries.

Starting her business during the pandemic, Jessica brings a creative approach to fill the void of how studio owners are supported in the fitness space. As an entrepreneur, Jessica is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and leaders find and thrive in their passion.

Jessica’s weekly workout routine consists of running, yoga, kickboxing, and listening to podcasts while walking with her golden retriever.


Let's Kick it!

KickHouse is the most supportive family in fitness.

We will sweat. We will laugh. We will help each other reach the next level. No matter what life throws at us. we will get through it. Because as individuals we are strong. But together, we are unstoppable. Welcome to KickHouse.