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Kickboxing for Mental Health & Physical Well-Being

Kickboxing for Mental Health & Physical Well-Being

Most people find their way to kickboxing through a desire to lose weight or tone up. But once you walk through the door of a KickHouse studio, you’ll find so many additional benefits of kickboxing. Our members gain strength and confidence in a safe, fun and non-judgy environment. There’s also the genuine comradery of a #fightfam that can only be found in a kickboxing class. And maybe the most underrated benefit of kickboxing: stress relief.

Whatever reason you have for attending a kickboxing class, there’s no denying the positive impact it has on mental and emotional well-being.

Is Kickboxing Good for You?

Kickboxing benefits people of all abilities, fitness levels and ages. It’s an interactive activity that encourages movement, flexibility and power—to name a few.

Let’s unpack the mental and physical kickboxing benefits for females and males.

Physical Kickboxing Benefits

The physical advantages of this sport are many, but we’ve narrowed it down to three:

  1. Full-Body Exercise
    With the combination of kicks, jabs and punches at various speeds your arms, legs, shoulders, core and back will all feel the burn of a good workout, burning more calories than isolated workouts.
  2. Versatile
    With so many techniques and combinations available, each class is unique. Your class experience at KickHouse will never be boring!
  3. Post-Class Calorie Burn
    While the greatest calorie burn will come from kicking and striking a heavy bag during class, your elevated heart rate will continue to burn calories long after class is over.

KickBoxing: Why You Should Do it?

What’s the point of putting your body through intense training if you don’t enjoy the exercises you’re doing? Kickboxing is a fun activity that encourages you to get out of your comfort zone. Whether you do it with a group or individually, kickboxing has stunning health and wellness benefits.
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Mental Kickboxing Benefits

Kickboxing for mental health has several advantages:

  1. Healthy Outlet
    Kickboxing is a healthy outlet for individuals who have pent-up anger and frustration. Destress in class and produce endorphins that keep you coming back for more!
  2. Mental Toughness
    When you feel like you’re at your maximum effort, your KickHouse coach will encourage you to dig a little deeper. Class after class, you’ll build up your tolerance to adversity and you’ll realize your potential is so much greater than you ever imagined. As you feel yourself getting stronger, you’ll also add confidence and mental through kickboxing.
  3. Fitness with Friends
    From partner work to group classes, your classmates and instructor will challenge you to exceed your expectations. The KickHouse environment is light, inviting and encouraging. The comradery you can find at a kickboxing house is like a healthy support network that can boost your mental health.
How KickBoxing Can Help You Improve Your Mental Health

Kickboxing for mental health may seem unusual, but kickboxing routines help establish mental toughness, and self-confidence while mixing up your workout routine.

Kickboxing benefits for males and females include the following:

Raise Confidence
Kickboxing routines are designed to improve endurance and body control as well as build muscle strength. Learning new skills and techniques to properly defend yourself helps establish self-assurance and confidence in your abilities.

Get Rid of Stress
Stress can wreak havoc on your physical and emotional well-being. Without an effective and consistent way to relieve your mind and body of stress, you’ll likely internalize issues. Healthy workouts create endorphins and release tension, which makes your mind and body happy.

Conquer Fears
Everything new seems intimidating and difficult until you try it. Kickboxing is no different. As you learn more combinations and techniques, you’ll feel confident trying new skills and moves. With support and encouragement from your peers, you’ll overcome common fears:

  • Failure
  • Being embarrassed
  • New experiences
  • Social anxiety

Newcomers will quickly realize that kickboxing is a community. At KickHouse, we want to help you surpass what you thought was possible. Overcoming fears is just the beginning.

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To the untrained eye, kickboxing workouts are just punches and kicks. Little do they know it’s a high-intensity activity full of variety. Mix up your mundane exercises with a mentally stimulating, total body fitness class at KickHouse.

No matter your skill level or ability, our knowledgeable instructors host a variety of classes designed to strengthen and empower you. Reach your greatest potential with KickHouse.

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